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Exim Extreme Rasps

Exim Extreme Rasps

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These amazing extremely durable double sided tanged farrier rasp with square rasp teeth for maximum hoof contact. Smooth feel and effortless cutting action from rasp and file sides. Over six feet of rasp cutting surface in standard 14″ rasp. Ideal for soft hooves and wet conditions.
  1. Square rasp teeth for maximum hoof contact
  2. Smooth and effortless cut from rasp and file sides
  3. Dress with rasp side and give smooth finish with file side
  4. Reduces your cost per horse and overall rasp expense
  5. Six feet of rasp cutting surface

  1. Body length with tang = 17” (432mm)
  2. Body length = 14” (355mm)
  3. Width = 1.75” (45mm)
  4. Rasp teeth = 6 per row, 432 total
  5. Rasp rows = 72
  6. File side = double cut
  7. Edge = single cut