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Exim MaxCut Rasps

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The sharpest and most durable long lasting rasp on the market today.

Double sided tanged rasp for professionals that desire maximum material removal from rasp and file sides. This rasp requires minimal pressure for ease of use and performance. Aggressive cut and feel.


  1. Triangular rasp teeth with flat top
  2. Sharp teeth give you confident aggressive cutting feel with each stroke and are durable
  3. Reduces your cost per horse and overall rasp expense
  4. Trim and level hoofs faster with less pressure and fatigue
  5. Double the cutting area per tooth compared to other rasps


  1. Body length with tang = 17” (432mm)
  2. Body length = 14” (355mm)
  3. Width = 1.75” (45mm)
  4. Rasp teeth = 6 per row, 516 total
  5. Rasp rows = 86
  6. File side = double cut
  7. Edge = single cut