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Keep It Simple Tour 2018

Keep It Simple Tour 2018

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The Werkman Horseshoes keep it simple tour with The Shoeing Labs own Mark Caldwell, the first leg off the keep it Simple Tour off the USA with Werkman Horseshoes and The Shoeing Lab’s Mark Caldwell kicks off in Texas (sold out)

Mark Caldwell will be at Northern California's The Farrier Centre April 28th & 29th. Contact Sam Durham if you are interested in attending.

The Shoeing Labs own Mark Caldwell moves on to California 
28/29 April ​Cotati California
Contact Sam Durham Farriery​ on ​707-483-1384

Mid may the tour travels to Amarillo - not sadly to sweet Marie but equally exciting to the home of “Well Shod” Horseshoe Supplies’s and the hospitality of John Harshbarger and his team

From Amarillo the Keep it Simple Tour hitches a ride to Tyron North Carolina to the home of Freer Equine for three days and the chance to meet up and exchange ideas and check out the the venue for the 2018 W.E.G.

The tour then moves back to the scene of one the 2017 tour highlights - Missouri for the 2nd and 3rd June.

If we have half as much fun as 2017 it will be a riot.
Contact Brett and get registered

The Shoeing Labs Mark Caldwell packs up its Warmblood and heads across the Rockies to join up with Jason Critton on 8th/9th June