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Polyurethane replica; sagittal section of normal horse foot

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Polyurethane replica; sagittal section of normal horse foot 

Polyurethane casts have the advantage of being clean, dry and odourless and therefore welcome in an office, class-room or beside a computer monitor for study sessions. It is uncanny how much detail is preserved in each cast; in the distal transverse replica one could actually count the number of epidermal lamellae (TNH0000).

A replica can be defined as ‘a copying closely resembling the original concerning its shape and appearance – any close or exact copy or reproduction’. Viewing a replica one should experience a real feeling or the ‘aura’ of the original based on its previous history and experience. Comparing a normal foot with a severe chronic laminitis replica certainly conveys the sorry history and suffering experienced by horses and ponies affected by this disease. This is what makes replicas such valuable teaching aids; they invoke the real thing. 

Each replica is boxed with an accompanying captioned diagram showing key anatomical and pathological features. They are painted with long-lasting enamel pigments and finished with a matt top-coat. For clarity, the colour scheme is diagrammatic.