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Sound Horse Flexx Glue on Shoe

Sound Horse Flexx Glue on Shoe

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A unique non-metallic, direct-glue solution for performance and therapy.

The benefits of FLEXX®:

  • 40% lighter than forged aluminum shoes
  • Built with abrasive grit concentrated at ground surfaces for wear and traction (patent pending)
  • Built with NEW grABS™ technology (pat. app.) on the hoof side for the strongest adhesive bond available
  • 2x better wear than forged aluminum shoes
  • Same, tight dimensions as forged aluminum shoes / built with a crease
  • Lower profile provides better frog contact with ground, allowing it to absorb load to remove some of the burden on hoof walls
  • Better concussion reduction than aluminum and steel
  • Bio-mimics™ the natural hoof wall



All Sound Horse FLEXX® shoes are built without a toe grab or hardened wear plate, allowing our unique urethane shoes to protect the natural hoof wall and bio-mimic™ normal wear patterns.

Each shoe also features a thin, metal wire that provides additional shaping and support while retaining flexibility.

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