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Mark Caldwell’s Scientific Horseshoeing Collection

 Mark Caldwell’s Scientific Horseshoeing Collection

Great introductory spring offer from the Shoeing lab. 



To celebrate the launch of some great new products from Mark Caldwell’s Scientific Horseshoeing Collection including the all new “Toro Rojo”(red bull) custom farriers chaps and the custom knives including loop, curved and drop blades we are making you a great introductory offer.

“Toro Rojo” is the sign of strength & durability so you can be confident in the quality of these custom designed carriers chaps. Buy the standard red chaps with four knife pockets, 2 magnets and adjustable back support for just £175 or the deluxe black leather version with all the same features for just £196.50. Buy one of these sensational loop, curved or drop blade knives for £72 and we will pay the next day shipping (mainland U.K. only).

Buy both together and we will pay the VAT.

You could also upgrade the chaps to the super durable micro fibre (blue) a sensational tough material for just an extra £25.00

All these chaps are available in short or long and are guaranteed against
Faulty workmanship or backing material for 6 months.

Telephone your order on 01905641640

  • designed to fit female farriers over and above the hips comfortably
  • strong resilient backing
  • adjustable back support 
  • reinforced abdominal support
  • 3 knife pockets
  • nail magnet
  • adjustable leg straps
  • knee padding
  • full length patches that wrap around the calf


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