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Farriery Treatment Options Finder

 This Page Still Under Construction 

This is not a diagnostic tool but a guide for possible farriery treatment options that may be available to you.

Simply click on the anatomical region icon on the picture below to explore the farriery treatment options for the lameness or pathology you are investigating. Follow the links matching the clinical and diagnostic evidence for a range of farriery treatment options available from The Shoeing Lab at which point you wil be able to order either the full solution option resources or the individual components necessary.

Condition one

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Condition two

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Carpus & Proximal M3

Proximal Suspensory
DJD Carpal Joint
Sub Carpal Check Ligament
Valgus / Varus

Distal M3, Fetlock & Pastern

distal Suspensory
SDFT Injuries
Bursal Swelling
Collateral & Annular Ligaments
DDFT Injuries

coffin joint

Hoof distortions

Weak Heels
Prolapsed Frog
Hoof Wall Lesions and Cracks
Sheared Heels


Sacroiliac and Stifle lameness
hoof wall avulsions


Plantar Ligament
Proximal Suspensory
Lateral Hock Motion

Reciprocal Apparatus

palmar Foot Pain

palmar Foot Pain
Collapsed Heels
Prolapsed Digital Cushion & Frog
hoof wall avulsions