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ACR 110 Suspensory Shoe

ACR 110 Suspensory Shoe

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"Flat shoe, covered at the clip, straight and concave branches up to the heel.
For protective and sports use.
Thickness: 10mm"

" ACR broad toe shoe, affords full cover at the toe and concave  to the heel. It is above all effective on loose ground as it works on the penetrability of the heels into the soil (there is no effect therefore on hard ground). Calling more on the leg's deep bending apparatus, this shoe can be recommended for certain tendon conditions (with the agreement of the vet). The ACR wider at the toe shoe avoids penetration and thus relieves the suspensory apparatus. It may also be used as a reverse shoe where its effect is immediate as the difference in support surfaces between the front and rear parts operates significantly on soft ground. Type of nail: E-SLIM"

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