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Colleoni Fires
Colleoni Fires
Colleoni Fires
Colleoni Fires

Colleoni Fires

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Colleoni gas forges are strong robust and above all HOT!!

  • - On all forge the thickness of the coating is mm. 50
  • - The burner is made from a single piece of aluminum and through the use of machine tools, with the internal section studied and performed using the "VENTURI" effect
  • - The burner and the flame are not disturbed by any external atmospheric agents
  • - Automatic flame adjustment and perfect mixture of air and fuel
  • - Possibility for two-burner forges, to use the single flame by closing one of the two taps that manage the two burners individually
  • - Low fuel consumption, even using the 2 bar forge
  • - In the round forges, the coating is assembled in various pieces, where it is simple and cheap to replace or repair
  • - In the round forges, the lower part of the coating is made of harder material, to withstand any impact with the horseshoe
  • - Each mold is designed and assembled within the Colleoni company, and it is possible to satisfy any modification request
  • - Available in two colors: Black or Silver
  • - Possibility to have it in a special edition: "Serie ORO", with various details in gold color
  • - Any component is of excellent quality and Italian production
  • - Possibility for each mold, to disassemble the door
  • - Controlled and performed welding by specialized personnel
  • - Excellent finishes