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Colleoni Roller Straight Bar

Colleoni Roller Straight Bar

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Leverage reduction via the beveled roll on the ground surface is ideal for horses with injuries of both flexor tendons or injuries of the deep digital flexor tendon and suspensory apparatus. This shoe provides good dorsal and collateral rolling combined with a reduction of impact force in the heel area whilst maintaining heel support.

The dorsal rolling reduces the stress on the DDFT during the propulsion of the stance phase. The reduction of heel support avoids hyper-extension of the fetlock during the mid-stance phase. The collateral rolling reduces the asymmetrical stress on the flexor tendons and suspensory apparatus and collateral ligaments. 

Sold in pairs. Available in Sizes 0 -5 .

We recommend using glue-u pour in 20 or 30 shore hoof packing silicone's

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