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Imprint Sport Horseshoes With Stud Holes

Imprint Sport Horseshoes With Stud Holes

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A flexible high-tech patented sport shoe used in Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage, Endurance and Racing. Part of the therapeutic range of Imprint shoes, Imprint Sport provides maximum support yet is as hard-wearing as steel but less than half the weight.  The ‘W’ flexing bar allows expansion of the heels and its unique composite construction sets it apart from any other glue-on shoe. 

This range of shoes in both fronts and hinds is ideal for resolving poor quality hoof issues when it’s difficult or simply impossible to nail on a conventional shoe.  The horse can continue in work whilst the foot is recovering.  Broken, weak hoof walls and heel pain are conditions where the therapeutic properties of the Imprint Sport shoe excel.  Horses can remain in the shoes long-term, potentially increasing longevity, or return to conventional shoeing when the condition is resolved.

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