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EasyShoe Performance N/G

EasyShoe Performance N/G

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A wide-webbed shoe with integrated frog support that can be nailed or glued. Two integrated nailing plates within the sole allow the shoe to accept up to 8 nails. 3 toe clips keep the shoe in place without extending break-over. Translucent material allows the white line to remain visible during application.
The optional spacer system lets the user open the rear of the shoe to the desired width to ease the nailing application.
EasyShoe Performance N/G Size Chart



EasyShoe Performance N/G
Size Width in mm Length in mm
0 105-111mm 108-115mm
1 112-119mm 116-123mm
2 120-127mm 124-131mm
3 128-135mm 132-140mm
4 136-143mm 141-149mm
5 144-152mm 150-159mm
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