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Horse Trax Impact Gel Pads

Horse Trax Impact Gel Pads

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Horse Trax Impact Gel Pads are designed to provide sole cushioning and ease concussion. The thin side of the pad is fitted under the horseshoe, whilst the centre gel-filled pad fits inside the shoe and over the sole area.

The Impact gel pad  is a patented multi-layered system  designed with a high impact resistant gel sealed between the layers. It is a one piece system which combines  elements of different product concepts tried on horses over the years.

One significant advantage of the Impact Gel Pads impact reduction system is there is no need to mix or inject anything. The gel used in these pads has both preventative and therapeutic applications.

In recent years, new information has been gained about the benefits of sharing the load of the horse over the sole, frog and bars, not just confining the load to the hoof wall. The principle has been used in many different applications including impression material, frog inserts and heart bar shoes.

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