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Jim Keith

Jim Keith Rounding Hammer

Jim Keith Rounding Hammer

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Designed by the legendary Jim Keith a world renowned farrier for over 50 years and is an International Hall of Fame inductee and competed internationally for four decades as well as being one of Americas outstanding clinicians. Jim made most of his own personal tools. He received positive comments about his tools from his peers and decided to begin manufacturing some of the tools beginning with tongs, 20 years ago after a 14 year farrier science teaching career. He and his wife Carole live and work in Tucumcari, New Mexico

These hammers are the ultimate metal displacement tool, they are handmade and each is unique, the handle is made from hickory and approximately 17"/432mm long.The range is now classed as one of the best balanced hammers available on the market. you'll get you a hammer you just won't want to put down.


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