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Mark Caldwell

Scientific Horseshoeing Golden Mean Callipers

Scientific Horseshoeing Golden Mean Callipers

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The Golden Mean (also called The Golden Ratio, Phi, The Divine Proportion) is a simple ratio: 1 : 1.618 that is considered aesthetically beautiful, and which has been used in art and architecture for thousands of years. It is a bit like Pi – in that it is a difficult number to represent in numbers, but it arises naturally out of simple geometry… and like Pi, it is everywhere. Phi’s symbol is: phi
Phi frequently turns up in nature and in the horses body, particularly the feet and lower limb. 


  • Medium: 7.2 inch Golden Mean Callipers
  • Measures 1.5 inches to 12.8 inches change to mm
  • Handmade in New Zealand

Materials: brushed stainless steel, tightenable stainless-steel machine-screws

  • Hardboard case 
  • Lifetime guarantee
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