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Straight bar

Straight bar

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Werkman Straight bar shoes come in a front pattern, unclipped or with side/quarter clips between the 2nd and 3rd nail hole

  • The broad, rolled toe shape allow for support and increased break-over
  • Werkman Straight bar shoes increase in width with each size, starting at 18mm up to 22mm

Field of application:

  • Founder
  • Disorders of the deep flexor tendon (flexor digitorum profundus, FDP)
  • Disorders of the support ligament of the deep flexor tendon
  • Chronic navicular inflammation
  • Pain in the distal sesamoid
  • Palmar foot pain
  • Inflammations of the ligamentous apparatus of the toes
  • Hoof cracks


  • Expansion of the palmar support area without modification to the palmar retractor
  • Reduction of the risk of losing the horseshoe due to the hind legs hooking into each other (in comparison with shoeing with palmar extension)
  • Increase of the angle of the coffin bone on soft soil
  • Reduction of the traction exerted on the deep flexor tendon and a reduced load on the distal sesamoid/navicular
  • Without navicular contact: protection of navicular and posterior (palmar) hoof section (distal sesamoid, navicular, attachment of the deep flexor tendon) on all types of soil
  • With navicular contact: continual increase of the load-bearing surface in the palmar/plantar hoof section, regardless of the type of soil


Effect was researched in cooperation with the Department of Anatomy of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Leipzig.

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